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OURbeauty: Dry Shampoo

Let's talk dirty

I recently got bangs. For some reason I thought that they'd be a low maintenance way to add some style to my everyday look.  I was wrong.  Since my hair tends to be on the oily side my bangs are turning out to be a nightmare to manage unless I wash my hair every morning. However, I prefer to shower at night (not a morning person) and by the next day, my bangs are wacked out.

After reading Cup of Jo's post on dry shampoo I felt like I could see the light at the end of the tunnel– a ray of hope for my new bangs and my own hair sanity.  As usual I did a lot of rsearch as to which brand to go with.  Across the board, Klorane came out on top in reviews, ingredients and effectiveness. 

Just a few sprays of the Klorane all natural dry shampoo, my greasy bangs are restored to looking clean, easier to manage and even more voluminous than before!

Dry Shampoo the dirty secret to saving your bangs- who would've thought!

You can get it here


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