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Soap Retro

My father in-law gave us a few bars of Lifebuoy soap as stocking stuffers last Christmas.  He's quite nostalgic and loves anything that reminds him of the simpler times. 

Embarrassingly enough, I ran out of soap the other day (in the middle of showering) and in a panic pulled this bar out of my emergency stash mixed in with the hotel soaps I've hoarded throughout the years.  Taking this unnaturally florescent reddish, orange-ish soap out of the box, I was immediately greeted by a strong soap smell with just a hint of Old Spice.

This was a very good thing.  I loved the clean, spicy smell and apparently so did Marilyn Monroe. Louis Gosset Jr. (who studied in the Actor's Studio with Ms. Monroe) famously stated that, "She smelled like Lifebuoy soap,"  and what's good enough for Marilyn, is good enough for me! (Also, knowing that makes it more fun to use.)

According to Lifebuoy Soap, they coined the phrase B.O. (Body Odor).  The soap is suppose to be the "original deodorant soap" and cleanses the body from dirt and germs. (Along with cleaning out Ralphie's dirty mouth in the classic film "A Christmas Story," yup that was Lifebuoy.)

Everything happens for a reason.  Running out of soap that day brought Lifebuoy Soap into my life.... thank you soap gods.


You can get it here


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Reader Comments (2)

wow, i just learned a surprising amount about the social history of this bar of soap. not what i was expecting, keep up the good work!

October 16, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjerry

Thanks Jer!

October 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterTina

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