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Feria Wild Ombre by L'Oreal

I've wanted ombré hair for a loooong time now.  But, I'm on a tight budget and there was always an excuse not to invest just yet– my hair wasn't long enough, I had to grow out my bangs, what if they do it wrong, etc. So, when L'Oréal Paris came out with their own DIY Ombré kit, I immediately threw my hands in the air and screamed, "Hallelujah, it's time."


  • I started by brushing the product into my ends first, then moved my way up towards the crown. This way the ends would have the most product for the longest period of time, gradually decreasing as it moved up. That's how I got the gradient look instead of the stark line across the hair like the model on the box. (Dear L'Oréal, great product but the hair on that girl is not cute...just sayin)
  • The directions recommend leaving the product in your hair anywhere from 25-45 minutes.  But, if your hair is long, just eyeball it- you can see it getting lighter.  I wanted it to be subtle so I stopped at 30 minutes.  Looking back, I might have been too safe and could've kept it in for another 5 or 10.  Oh well.
  • See how chill I am about this?  The beauty of DIY is that it cost me $12 vs. $150 (quoted by various salons during my hunt for ombré).  If in a few weeks I want it lighter, then I'll just pop over to Target, get another box and make it lighter.  If, on the other hand, you got risqué and it's too dramatic for your taste, just get a box of color that matches your roots and fix it!  Easy.
  • The only down side is that bleaching your hair is always bad...even if it looks so good.  My ends feel significantly drier.  I plan on slathering my hair in mayo later...we'll see if that makes it happier.  


Have Fun,

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