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SUPERnatural MVO Acne Treatment

I know, I know...I've been talking a lot about acne.  Not fun.  But, for those of you who suffer from minor or major breakouts, you feel me.  When my skin's unhappy, I'll do just about anything to make it happy- potions, lotions and prayer.  

With that said, less is definitely more when it comes to clearing out those pimples- so don't worry, I'm not using all of these cures at the same time. I just like to have options and I know my OWL's do to.  

So, if you weren't impressed with my review on A Cleaner Proactive, this Natural Zit Zapper or a Skin Balancing Oil then you might like MVO's Treatment Oil and Serum.  

I'm a huge MVO fan...portrayed through my glowing review and skin here.  

Their products not only work, they don't break me out and leave my skin a greasy mess.  When I reached out to MVO and asked them to save my skin, they kindly sent me this two part treatment ritual and I have been happily smearing it on my face ever since.  

The Treatment oil is a delicate blend of skin balancing ingredients that keep pores clean and oil at bay.  Borage and Tea Tree oil are high in linoleic acid and break up congestion keeping your skin blemish free.  

My favorite of the two is the Treatment Serum.  You put this on after the Treatment Oil.  It's that potent. As a matter of fact, you can still feel a slight tingling even on top of the oil.  I love when you can feel a product working!  

So there it is folks...another option to make your unhappy skin happy.  

and you can get it here


Don't Give Me The Evil Eye 

Got them here.  Love- right?



The Best Soap You Can't Have

It's basically the Korean version of Lush...but way cleaner (Lush is filled with parabens) and more authentic- at least I think so, I can't really read the ingredients- but the friend who bought it for me says it is.  Ah- the pitfalls of an Asian Skincare obsession.  Anyway, clean or not, this face soap has made my skin baby butt soft.  Unfortunately, I can't get my hands on anymore unless I take a trip to Korea- which is not happening anytime soon. The brand is called Gounjae and there's a website...but it's not in English and I don't think they ship to the states. 

OWL readers...if you know more about this brand and have access...let me know and I'll be your best friend!



The Touch Up Deodorant

Let's face it, totally natural deodorants don't "totally" work in the heat of summer.  I mean, I'm not going to switch back to the dirty kind- never! But if I'm gonna be honest, even my favorite clean deodorant needs a boost midday when temperatures are rising. 

So, when I saw these itsy bitsy deodorants that I could just throw into my makeup bag, I snatched two up asap (one for the hubby).  So convenient right? 

Unless you don't have sweat glands, we all need a touch up here and there- after work, before or after the gym, etc.  Plus, it's weird using the paste deodorants as a touch up.  I'm not grossed out easily, but there's something unappealing about rubbing on more deodorant on top of old deodorant and moist armpits.

Yes, having my touch up deodorant in a stick form is a lot more pleasing to my fingers and whoever may be watching. 


You can get yourself some here

Smell ya later,


Sneaker Freakin 

A bit excessive, I know, but I need all three of these.  However...IF I can only buy one more...would you go with the red and white or red and black?  As you can see, I'm already sporting the all black ones. 

Let me know what you think!

You can get The Black and Red ones here


You can get The White and Red ones here



HOOT: Keep It Simple 

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