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The Touch Up Deodorant

Let's face it, totally natural deodorants don't "totally" work in the heat of summer.  I mean, I'm not going to switch back to the dirty kind- never! But if I'm gonna be honest, even my favorite clean deodorant needs a boost midday when temperatures are rising. 

So, when I saw these itsy bitsy deodorants that I could just throw into my makeup bag, I snatched two up asap (one for the hubby).  So convenient right? 

Unless you don't have sweat glands, we all need a touch up here and there- after work, before or after the gym, etc.  Plus, it's weird using the paste deodorants as a touch up.  I'm not grossed out easily, but there's something unappealing about rubbing on more deodorant on top of old deodorant and moist armpits.

Yes, having my touch up deodorant in a stick form is a lot more pleasing to my fingers and whoever may be watching. 


You can get yourself some here

Smell ya later,


Sneaker Freakin 

A bit excessive, I know, but I need all three of these.  However...IF I can only buy one more...would you go with the red and white or red and black?  As you can see, I'm already sporting the all black ones. 

Let me know what you think!

You can get The Black and Red ones here


You can get The White and Red ones here



HOOT: Keep It Simple 


A Natural Proactive 

Got zits?  Skin not happy? I feel ya.  I've been battling with major break outs for the past several months...I even dabbled back into questionable ingredients (eek) to get my skin behaving again.  However, after discovering Evologie, I realized that best of both worlds is a real thing.  

I was definitely a Proactive subscriber in my teens.  There's something super easy about a the Step 1,2,3 model- brainless really- and Evologie can't get easier than that.

Cleanser, Serum, Cream.  Done. 

The cleanser is a simple, no nonsense foaming cleanser that leaves your skin squeaky clean- without stripping it.  The serum has a gritty texture and if you put too much on, it leaves a filmy residue.  But it works really well in combating your pimples and preventing more from uprising.  The cream is a really light, everyday moisturizer and tops off the regimen nicely.

Anti-acne products can get really scary in terms of ingredients- toxic chemicals galore.  I love that I have a clean option to head towards when my skin is acting out again.

Has your skin been unhappy now that the weather's getting sticky icky?  What have you been using?

You can get it here


Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

Crystals, acupuncture, essential oils, herbal tea...I've tried it all. So, drinking the "essence" of flowers to heal old emotional wounds was right up my alley (I say this in all seriousness, at the same time lol at myself) and though it seemed a little odd (even for me) I gave it a shot. 

Boy, am I glad I did. 

Think of Flower Remedies as internal acupuncture- sort of, kind of.  The way it was explained to me is that each emotion has a different "note" or vibration level (like in music).  The essence of particular flowers also have notes/ vibrations that match these emotions.  When you take the correct essence, the vibration of that flower matches the vibration of the emotion that's "out of tune" essentially balancing it out...tuning it.  It makes complete sense to me (again, said in all seriousness). 

I've tried several of Alexis's Flower Remedies and love them all.  My favorite is the one she made just for me during a private consultation (not pictured).  If you have the dough to spend, I highly recommend that route.  She's super intuitive and calming and is able to gather a shit load of info on you to create the perfect flower remedy. 

I can't explain it, but taking the remedies helps to open things up, release things, it makes inner work easier, simpler.  I don't think/know if they would be as powerful if I weren't already peeling back the layers, but it's a nice supplement to the work I'm already doing on myself. 

I also have to say that First Aid Kit is amazing and is based on Dr. Bach's original 5 flower "rescue" formula.  I took it on a 6 hour flight to LA and it kept me calm and cool the whole way there and back.

Don't knock it til you tried it.

So what do you think? Too whoo whoo or totally you?

You can get it here


HOOT: Bold Brave Beautiful 

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