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It's interesting how change happens.  First slowly, moving down the hill, collecting energy.  Sometimes you pick up things along the way, learn a little.  But, more often than not, if you're on the right road that is, you lose more than you gain. 

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For The Spirit: My Morning Thought 


Bring Some Summer Back 

I've been loving this natural perfume oil I recently discovered.  It smells of salt and hot sand, coconuts and sweat.  It's really amazing.  One whiff, and I'm immediately transported back to the beach. 

Right now I'm dreaming of a vacation while staring out my window at the third in a row cloudy and gloomy day in NYC.  This helps me bring some summer back into my life...if not only in my nose. 

You can get it here


Pray On It 

I've been developing my spiritual practice for some time now and it helps me feel grounded like nothing else.  I'm definitely hooked on all things healing and am actually in the process of "evolving" my site- new name, new game.  Though I still love all things beauty (makeup and skincare), I've found myself drawn towards rituals and products (crystals, oils, books) that helpt to reveal an inner spirit. 

I can't wait to share with you guys what I've been up to!  Changes take time, they take courage and perseverance.  They take prayer...a subtle dialogue with ones inner self.  The soft voice that whispers.  The Rudraksha bead is such a great tool to help you stay focused and tuned in, clearing away those fearful thoughts so that you can...jump.  


The (Sacred) Balm  

I'm pretty obsessed with Fez.  In an earlier post, I described the Fez scent as spiritual...smelling of "prayers and wisdom."  The Balm version does not dissapoint.  It still offers the same grounding expereince as the serum, just with a cleaner (less oily) delivery.

This product is permanently next to my bedside.  I use it every night on the bottom of my feet as part of my "resting ritual."  I recently read an article written about Pratima from Pratima Spa (an amazing ayurvedic spa in NYC) in which she talks about massaging the bottom of her feet every night before she goes to sleep.

I swear this ritual has helped me feel more relaxed and fall asleep faster.  I love the smell so much I even rub a little under my nose and on my neck...just so I can get whiffs of it as I move- weird or genius? 

The best part (well, there are so many best parts) is that the formula isn't  at all greasy.  My feet, hands and anywhere else I use the Balm feels hydrated and silky- not oily. 

I highly suggest that you A) incorporate mini foot massages into your nightly routine and B) choose Kahina's Fez Balm as your go to bedside product

You can get it here


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